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What is ChinaNauts?

ChinaNauts is a community-based magazine built upon our collaborators' plethora of expertise. We welcome submissions from guest writers and possible long-term collaborations from those eager to share their views and knowledge, provide insightful content and bring a fresh, grounded perspective on contemporary China.


We are currently accepting submissions for ChinaNauts' Summer issue on the theme of ‘work.’


What do we mean by "work"?

The reality behind this word has undergone extensive and fast-paced evolutions since 1949.The transition from a planned and rigid system during the China’s communist era to the gradual liberalization of the economy and the advent of a competitive job market at the dawn of the 1970s drastically changed the meaning and individual experiences of “work” and “workers.”


The present and ever-changing realities are the core of ChinaNauts’ summer issue. Work-related topics can include perspectives on work-life balance, working conditions, specific social groups or industries, the representation of work in art, or gender-related work issues, among others.


What submissions are we looking for?

Note that we only accept submissions that tackle contemporary China-related topics. We welcome articles including historical overviews, but the former should not constitute the focus of the article.


We encourage you to provide fresh and unique perspectives and explore original topics that have not yet been the object of extensive coverage. We also highly value submissions that rely on your own research (such as interviews, on-site visits, data collection from online or offline resources, photographs, etc.).


How do to pitch an article?

Please fill out the form below and include a pitch for the topic you are interested in covering before August 15th, 2022. 

Before doing so, we encourage you to take some time to browse through our published articles and existing columns to get familiar with our editorial line and writing style.

If you feel like there’s a match then go ahead; we look forward to reading your work!



Please note that an accepted pitch does not guarantee publication and that the final decision will depend on the full manuscript.

Discriminatory, unfaithful, and hateful submissions are not welcome and will not get an answer from us.

Please also note that, currently, submissions and publications are not remunerated.

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The information you provided above will not be shared with any third-party and will only be used by the person in charge at ChinaNauts to get in contact with you. 

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