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  • Caterina Paiva

Introducing ChinaNauts

ChinaNauts is a magazine whose goal is to publish careful, deep, well-structured, and enjoyable analysis of contemporary China from a global understanding. As broad as ‘Contemporary China’ might sound, it also allows various angles to engage with what we perceive as China today. Accordingly, the magazine centers around monthly topics and several columns, the intersection of which will appeal to a diverse public with a wide range of interests.

This magazine is community-based, and built upon the diverse plethora of expertise and skills of its collaborators. Thanks to our shared enthusiasm and dedication, we ought to bring insightful content and fresh, grounded perspectives that only living in China can offer.

ChinaNauts aims at speaking to a broad audience: both to those whose interest is more specific (visual arts, gender studies, literature, anthropology, social analysis, among others) and to all who are generally interested in keeping up with the country hosting one-sixth of the world’s population.

Looking forward to understand contemporary China with you!

Beatrice Tamagno

Caterina Paiva

Will Vagari


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